Sash Window Repair in West Coker, Yeovil

Not all of our work is in grand Listed Buildings, nor does it always involve replacing rotten wood. This late Victorian 2-bedroom mid-terrace (built in 1894) is one of many thousands of similar houses built throughout the nineteenth century to house the rising population.

Project Details

While the timber was in perfect condition, ugly 1970s-style patterned glass in the bathroom was out of keeping with the age of the house and obscured the pleasant view, the windows were draughty, paint was flaking and the sash weights were jamming inside the sash boxes, making them awkward to open and close. Some tlc including fitting draught-seals and replacing the original cast iron weights with slimmer lead weights took care of all the problems. We also replaced the patterned glass in the top sash with clear glass and in the bottom sash with sand-blasted glass.

The addition of neat sliding secondary double glazing meant a much warmer bathroom and completely eliminated condensation on the glass, with the added bonus of a view of the secluded back garden.

Project Photos