Sash Window Repair & Restoration Service

Restore, don’t replace!

Sash windows are hardly ever beyond repair.  The most common problems – broken cords, sashes stuck with paint or not opening and closing properly, draughty sashes or ones which rattle in the wind – are easily dealt with. A basic overhaul, for which we will quote a fixed price, will cover all these problems, as well checking and adjusting sash weights and replacing parting beads.  More serious problems – rotten sills and sash rails – take a little longer.

We offer a comprehensive range of sash window repair and restoration services including:

  • Unsticking
  • Sash cord replacement
  • Rotten timber repairs
  • Replacement sills and sash rails
  • Reputtying
  • Removing degraded
  • Preparation for painting*
  • Pane replacement
  • Locks fitted
  • Catches and sash pulleys replaced

*We carry out full painting on request, but most customers prefer to either do this themselves or use the services of a professional painter, thus reducing costs.

All of the work can be done from the inside, avoiding the need for ladders or expensive scaffolding.

Repairs can nearly always be carried out in situ, though occasionally we may need to board up the window to make it secure and weatherproof for a day or two in order to allow more extensive sash repairs in our fully-equipped workshop.  We aim to retain as much of the existing timber as possible but, when replacement components are needed, they will be close copies of the originals, thus retaining architectural authenticity.

We will do as much or as little work as you require, while keeping costs to a minimum. The majority of sash windows can be restored at significantly lower cost than full replacement.  Most District Council Planning Departments will not in any case give consent to replace original windows in Listed Buildings.