Sliding Sash Window Repairs

Other than replacing broken sash cords, parting beads and inside beads as part of our overhaul service, we repair splits in the frames, broken and loose joints on the sashes,  and rotten glazing fillets (the thin strips of wood separating the panes).

Complete range of Sash Window repairs

More serious problems such as rotten timber (usually confined to the lower part of sash windows which get the worst of the sun and rain) are a little more involved. We can replace rotted sills and sash rails with close copies of the originals.

Also as part of our overhaul service we fit draughtseals as standard. Not repairs as such, more an upgrade to an acceptable standard of comfort and improving energy conservation. The seals will eliminate most rattles, except perhaps the ones caused by heavy lorries passing close by and making your windows vibrate.

See our Case Studies for further photographs.